How I made our new build bedroom feel cosy.

How I made our new build bedroom feel cosy.

It's my first time blogging from a Homespun Heath at Home perspective. I'm keen to provide informative content, but not lose all personality. However, it turns out writing about your Dunelm purchases and lacing it with your usual dry humour is a bit like mixing water and oil. So you'll have to excuse me if I come across as well to do and a bit Hyacinth Bucket, darling... here goes!

We have always lived in older properties, which bring with it bags of character and inbuilt style. No, I'm not referencing the crumbling plaster and woodchip wallpaper we lived with for 8 years! When you have readymade period features, they can be easily enhanced.

Buying a new build property felt hugely daunting. Vast blank walls and no features to build upon. However, the negatives are also the positives - a beautiful blank canvas and no work to undo. Not having to live with someone else's choice of woodchip wallpaper was always going to be a huge bonus!

We have downsized considerably after relocating to a more expensive area. We weren't simply setting up the same living arrangements we were accustomed to. I knew we were best to live in our new house for a while first, so we could understand which rooms were brightest, warmest and to learn how we used the space. Yes, Hyacinth has entered the blog post.

Our bedroom is to the front of the house and gets the morning sun. This suits us as we're early risers, but by afternoon the sun has moved on. This meant we wanted to keep the room light in colour, to ensure it remained bright and airy even on a dull day. 

I'm partial to a neutral palette, and naturally the husband goes along with it. I like a bedroom to feel tranquil and relaxing, so bold colours just don't work for me. Meanwhile, the husband is asleep before he notices the colour on the walls. So let's face it, the "we" is mostly "I" but I like to make him feel included.

We kept furniture simple and classic, to ensure a timeless look. We have purchased a number of items from Cotswold Company, and have been very pleased with the quality for the price point. They're certainly not the cheapest, but their furniture looks and feels substantial and I always manage to snaffle out a discount code from somewhere!

After much deliberation (believe me, there was a LOT of deliberating), we decided to invest in some super quality bed linen. I had been eyeing up Bedfolk for the longest time and finally decided to take the plunge after my discount code radar had a good hit!

Side note - a handy hint is to casually scroll through your favourite brand's Instagram account on their "tagged" tab. Here you will frequently find ads and influencers offering juicy discount codes. This has proven VERY helpful while setting up our new home.

It's fair to say, there are no regrets in spending big on bed linens! I chose the Relaxed Cotton range in the colours snow and clay. You can purchase bundles or build your own set with the items you prefer. The cotton is so so soft and breathable, meaning it's warm in winter and cool in summer. The relaxed style makes ironing unnecessary, not that I would iron it anyway! 

The beautiful Linen and Cotton Throw is also from Bedfolk, and adds a bit of warmth in colour and cosiness. There's something about the extra weight which feels very comforting too. A hug in blanket form, without seeing that glint in your husband's eyes...! Being machine washable is also a huge perk, especially when you have furry friends who enjoy a snuggle. 

To keep surfaces clutter free, we opted for bedside wall lights. No electrician needed as there's a huge array of plug in options available. After much scouring of the internet, Dunelm had the largest range to choose from at an affordable price point (the sheets were bloody expensive, we were scrimping by this point). I chose the Dorma Purity Nickson light, for it's simple and classic design. The glass shade is in keeping with the light and airy feel, and the polished nickel finish ties in nicely with the bedside drawer pulls. 

Window dressings are where I spent a lot of time looking for inspiration. This is where new builds tend to lack any sort of character. I was keen to create the illusion of something far more grand and interesting than a square box. I think we nailed it - thank you Pinterest!

Fortunately the window in this room is pretty much central to the wall. This meant we could use the entire wall space and create the illusion the window is larger than it actually is. A trick often used in hotels, so I learned. To achieve this trickery, hang your curtains higher and far wider than the window itself. Easy-peasy!

As we don't have the largest of bedrooms, I didn't want heavy curtains. The venetian blind offers privacy and sufficiently blocks out the light. I chose Lucia Stripe Natural Voiles to complement the fabrics of the bed linen, and used four panels across the width of the wall. I found this to be the best way to give a luxurious look without blowing the already blown budget. 

For the finishing touches, I created a couple of prints for above the bed. Naturally they're housed in trusty IKEA Ribba frames. This is where I'm becoming somewhat fancy and you'll be able to "shop my style" if that's your thing. The selection of items will grow organically over time with new blog posts and new collections coming to my website. You can find the very first entry to the range here.

Last but not least, I completed the look with the Instagram style bed tray... these should be standard issue when you start a home account!

If you fancy seeing more, you can find photos and reels on my Homespun Heath at Home account on Instagram.

And there you have it! How did I do?! Hopefully there's enough hints, tips and links to help you along if you like any of the items I've used.

Thank you for coming to have a good a old nose at my bedroom, and quietly judging my decorating taste. There'll be lots more to come as there's plenty of blank canvas to fill! 

Much love,




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Looks and sounds lovely! Love your wall lamps. You deserve a lovely place to unwind in after busy days creating..enjoy!


Love Bedfolk bed linen – definitely worth the investment. Looks great.


It looks lovely! Will definitely be checking for discount codes now!!


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