When Work and Home Style Collide

When Work and Home Style Collide

Over the last couple of years working from home has become the norm. Working from home isn't new to me though.

For the last eight years I have run my small business from my family home. What started at the dining room table with neatly tucked away boxes soon branched out to me needing a proper workspace. Over the years this has steadily evolved to accommodate my growing business.

We moved into our new build home at the end of last year and I was soon spilling out of my allocated workspace. We quickly realised this needed addressing and hastily had our loft boarded. This provided much needed storage for my stock and supplies. It's ideal as it's easily and quickly accessible. I don't even need to leave the house! A huge bonus when you're a hermit.

Nine months on and it was time to start thinking about putting a bit of "me" into my working  area. As my working hours increase over the coming months, I was eager to have a happy place to sit and lovingly slave over clay decorations.

Being within my home, I wanted something that would blend with my home style yet encapsulate (thank you, thesaurus!) my small business character. I did what any sensible person would do - I spent many hours on Pinterest!

One of the things I loved from our old house were the picture rails. They added that extra "something" to the room. An easy feature which never felt dated and not as bold as the ever popular panelling. While our old house was large rooms and high ceilings, I was sure it could work in our new build.

Off we went to the local Homebase and picked up some picture rails, which are cheap as chips. A couple of YouTube videos later and my husband now thinks of himself as a carpenter! He may have had a little assistance from No More Nails, but he also gave them a good literal nailing (wink, wink) to ensure nothing is budging any time soon. The picture rails were fitted at window height which works perfectly for the dimensions of the room.

When it came to choosing colours, I knew exactly what I wanted. If you follow my home account on Instagram, you'll know I'm a lover of a neutral palette. For my nonstop brain, I need calm and tranquil in my home. I find neutrals both warm and cosy, and bright and airy. They willingly bend to embrace all seasons and celebrations with ease.

Good old Farrow and Ball Strong White ticked my neutral box. It's a great colour which changes depending on what your pair it with and the light in the room. It has hints of a warm grey and also a subtle green. And bingo, there was my next colour choice...

I recently rebranded as I wanted a colour which was strong and bold. My workload fluctuates with seasonal holidays so it had to be a colour which would complement all seasons and celebrations. Green! Green goes with everything and anything. It's basically a neutral because, well, nature! 

As luck would have it, Farrow and Ball Green Smoke was the perfect shade. While I wanted a striking, bold colour to contrast the more basic neutral, I didn't fancy a feature wall. It felt a bit "been there, done that" so thanks to Pinterest (see, it isn't time wasted!) I'd seen many an interior inspo Pin featuring the bold contrasting colour in the upper portion of the walls. 

Now to paint! We may well live in a new build, but let me tell you it isn't all clean lines and perfect finishes. The ceilings are rather wonky in places. Painting a bold colour against the white of the ceiling had me concerned about a less than ideal finish if we just taped off the ceiling edges. I placed the tape a few millimetres down onto the wall. This gave a beautifully crisp line and a finish I'm delighted with.

The picture rails were finished with a couple of coats of Farrow and Ball All White Full Gloss, after the edges and joins were caulked. It looks as though it's always been here and we're now keen to add the same feature to a couple of other areas of the house.

Is Farrow and Ball worth the price tag? I hear you ask! It’s all a matter of opinion and more importantly, budget. We tried a few colour matches, but they would vary vastly and just didn’t have the same depth of colour. So we took the plunge with the real deal and don’t regret it. The coverage is great, it’s washable and looks bloody lovely. The gloss though, I wouldn’t say it’s anything to write home about. It does the job and dries quickly!

It's official. I feel at home while at work. My workspace and home style blend seamlessly. I can confirm I do the old “happy sigh” every time I cross the landing to go to work...

Much love,


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