Welcome to Homespun Heath.

I'm Clara! I'm the creator, maker, packer, coffee drinker extraordinaire!

Established in 2014 while home raising my two young boys, Homespun Heath became my creative outlet. Everything handmade, everything made to order, every piece unique to you.

Over the years, my confidence and business began to grow. Returning customers, word of mouth and a hugely supportive social media based community, saw demand for my products increase. 

What was once "just a hobby" has blossomed into a fully fledged small business, based in the heart of Warwickshire. I now proudly support other handmade and family run businesses, by curating carefully selected products to sit alongside my own.

Handmade remains a core value at Homespun Heath, along with nurturing my highly valued relationship with my customer base. It's through your support Homespun Heath is able to thrive.

Much love and gratitude, 

Clara x